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Be a part of our tomorrows!

Every donation will help us secure a new center for operations to help us continue developing our community programs and outreach.

Donations can be made through the donate button or via check sent to: 

Positive Paws K9 Angels

2510 W Main Street

Waynesboro, VA 22980

All donations will be kept in a separate savings account that will not be used for anything until we are able to use it to obtain a location to operate out of.

Should PPK9A not be able to secure a new location and programs continued,

donors will be contacted to re-designate or return donated funds. 

Losing our Home

As we began to explore our goals for the future, sadly, through no fault of PPK9A’s, we were put in a very in a very unfortunate situation and while working through it, our landlord decided to withdraw their letter for support of re-approval for our zoning and made the decision sell the building - which did not leave us in the position to stay or operate while working on a transition plan. The affect of these actions is far reaching into our community and very hurtful to so many families (humans and dogs), employees, and volunteers. We have therapy dogs that work actively in schools, camps, jails, nursing homes, healthcare, etc, in addition to our dogs that were in training and thus part of our popular socialization program. The abrupt actions of our landlord have made us unable to offer our programs aswe do not have a building to operate out of

Our Board of Directors and staff worked very hard to find alternate solutions so our families, dogs, and communities were able resume their participation and our staff can get back working with the pups and their humans within two and half months of being shut down!  It's not our ideal set up, so we still have our eye on the future. 


The staff and board of PPK9A are asking for support from our community to help us build the next chapter of PPK9A.

We have so many dogs and families that have been involved in our Positive Paws K9 Angels 501(c)3 (not to be confused with positive paws k9training, LLC) programs for training and related activities. Several months ago our organization welcomed our new management team and our board was infused with several new enthusiastic and talented members. This group immediately got to work on how to make PPK9A even more integrated into the communities we serve and continue to build programs that maintain a high standard of service for the dogs and families. 

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