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A tired dog is a   

                    good dog



Better than doggie daycare

PPK9 is truly a canine enrichment center complete with rubber floors to keep those paws and knees free from injury. We are a happy place for your canine friends to come and spend the day learning and socializing with other furry friends. After a long day of training and playing hard your dog will be tired and well exercised. There is lots to do and lots to learn. We are a locked facility with dog t.v. and staff members who completely love and your canine buddies. 

Socialization Prices

Once you're in our PetExec system, you'll be able to purchase socialization through one of the following options:

Single full day



Half day is $36

5 Day Package




Half days remove one full day from package

Single full day

30 Day Package




Half days remove one full day from package

Two Dog Discount


If you have two dogs that you want to participate in our socialization program, we'll give you a 50% discount for the 2nd dog. Multiple each option by 1.5 to determine the price for both dogs (e.g., one full day for two dogs is $69)

Daily schedule for Socialization

Staff will be present in the downstairs crate room during morning drop off and afternoon drop off if you need them. 

You may need to ring the door bell or text/call the work phone to be let in during the midday break (that's when our staff takes their lunch).

Morning Drop Off


Bring your pup in, put your pup in their assigned crate, leave your pup's harness/collar and leash in the bin on top of their crate

Half day drop off or pick up


If you're only doing a half day of socialization, you'll complete the drop off or pick up steps during this time 

You can do a morning half day or an afternoon half day

Afternoon Drop Off


Put your pup's harness/collar and leash on, and go home with a happy and tired pup

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