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A tired dog is a   

                    good dog

                                                       IS DAYCARE GOOD? YES!!

Our Dog Daycare Program (Socialization) is important to the development of your dog's ability to get along with other dogs and humans by learning social cues to engage other dogs. It's like learning the "canine language'. It's a much needed alternative to the pup staying in a crate all day or alone in a home with no human contact. Dogs can become anti-social, which presents as reactivity, aggression toward other dogs and anxiety.

Dogs are very social animals and they crave social interactions and thrive in the company of others. They love the time spent with their owners but they also really enjoy the time spent with their canine buddies. Plus, they can run around, talk about how weird humans are and connect with their true canine selves!

Face it, our dogs can find us boring. We don't run around and play after working all day. Dogs rarely get enough activity and stimulation from us. With daycare, they come home tired and happy. Providing them with a positive social experience with other dogs is a win for dog and owner! And that is our goal!


Daycare Prices


Once you're in our PetExec system, you'll be able to purchase daycare through one of the following options:




Single full day

Half day is $36

5 Day Package




Half days remove one full day from package

30 Day Package




Half days remove one full day from package

Two Dog Discount


If you have two dogs that you want to participate in our socialization program, we'll give you a 50% discount for the 2nd dog. Multiple each option by 1.5 to determine the price for both dogs (e.g., one full day for two dogs is $69)

Daily schedule for Socialization


Staff will be available during morning drop off and afternoon pickup if you need them. 

You may need to text/call the work phone to be let in during the midday break (that's when our staff takes their lunch).

Morning Drop Off



Bring your pup in and put in an assigned crate. Remove your pup's harness/collar and leash and place in the bin on top of the crate.

Half day drop off or pick up


If you are scheduling a morning half day, drop off is 7a-9a and pickup is 12p-1p, Staff will be at lunch so text or call when you arrive.

If you are scheduling an afternoon half day, drop off is 12p-1p 



Pick Up


Gather the harness/leash, collar and put on your pup. Take home a tired, happy pup!

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