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Mentor Therapy Dog Teams

There is nothing more​ satisfying than bringing smiles to the faces of the elderly, disabled, and children that are apart of Positive Paws K-9 Angels Therapy Program. My Husband and I both knew that in retirement we would volunteer in our community. When our new springer spaniel puppy, "Maddison", became part of our family, we knew her sweet spirit would be perfect for Therapy Dog work.

After visiting with Positive Paws, we were pleased with the service and training they offered and we began our Therapy Dog journey.

Faces light up when the dogs and the handlers enter the room! Children in schools are so filled with excitement they can hardly contain their need to interact with the dogs. Maddison has given hundreds of paw shakes, high fives muzzle rests and more much to the delight to everyone involved. We love our time with the other teams and trainers. We have made new friends and have enjoyed special times together as we provide an important service to our community.

Emma Drummond & Maddison

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